Gettysburg, PA – Part One


For those of you who haven’t been to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania yet, it’s a must-see small town with a great share of American history.

The borough is the county seat of Adams County, Pa., and is about 50 minutes away from northern Baltimore. My boyfriend and I spent an entire sunny Sunday afternoon in March walking around the streets of downtown Gettysburg; then, we took the drive-your-own car (free) tour to the Union and Confederate battlefields, stopped to see many of the statues and monuments, and culminated all with a walk – at dusk – around the Soldiers National Cemetery, where a Lincoln-dedicated monument reminds of the November 19, 1863 historical address.

We topped it all with a delicious burger at The Pub and Restaurant at Lincoln Square.



  • The Gettysburg Hotel, located at One Lincoln Square in downtown Gettysburg, impresses with its 1800-style columns. The hotel was a key witness to a pivotal event in this country’s history.



  • Established in 1797, almost 70 years before the now-famous Lincoln address.



  • Another view of the Lincoln Square  – this time, from Carlisle Street.



  • Abraham Lincoln – an ubiquitous presence in Gettysburg.



  • Local business offices down Carlisle Street.



  • The Gettysburg Library – one of the few massive structures I spotted downtown Gettysburg.



  • Battlefield view that the Confederacy troops shared during the American Civil War.



  • Late winter on the once-bloody battlefields.



  • Confederacy cannon dating back to the American Civil War.



  • Longing for spring.


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