Frankfurt Am Main

We discovered Frankfurt Am Main on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, after a two-week stay back home in Romania. Greg and I were pretty tired, however this city is so rich and vibrant, it felt impossible not to join in. To say there was a lot going on that day, from spring celebrations, to picnicking, peaceful protests and in-the-street art exhibits, would be an understatement.

DSC_0738 (2) DSC_0746 (2) DSC_0750 (2) DSC_0755 (2) DSC_0782 (2) DSC_0787 (2) DSC_0789 (2) DSC_0792 (2) DSC_0800 (2) DSC_0801 (2) DSC_0758 (2)DSC_0774 (2)DSC_0778 (2)DSC_0782 (2)DSC_0787 (2)DSC_0789 (2)DSC_0821 (2)DSC_0838 (2)DSC_0841 (2)DSC_0842 (2)DSC_0876 (2)

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