as the world turns…

As the world turns, I’m waiting for something to happen …jobmarket-wise.

I imagine I’m not the only one dealing with this, but it is very interesting (to me, anyway) to analyze the way the human mind reacts to all the frustrations, (un)answers or job ‘inexistence.’ Especially when you’re a recent college graduate and your only ‘work experience’ is/are your internship(s), which I know, theoretically is/are not necessary considered work…The interesting part is when you start to doubt pretty much everything, from your college degree – what is one supposed to do with communications? – to your internships in the field you want to work one day. And it doesn’t get any better, especially when you find out how hard it actually is to enter such desired field, where open positions are far less than in an economics-related field.

So what do you do?…Well, you turn to applying  – again – to internships (try to look for the paid ones) and to all the possible entry-level jobs that might fit your profile. Remember the chorus, “Nobody said it was easy“? Well, Chris Martin was right, but hopefully in this economy you don’t have to be a scientist to get it right, and that there’s still a chance for the rest of us, the dreamers…

Pe data viitoare…

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