I noticed the majority of us constantly need to experience a certain state to be able to work in society. Whether to somebody, to a parent, to a pet, to the past, to the future, to an act, to a mission, belonging is a defining, engaging and almost mandatory state most of us choose…It might be because we are afraid, most of us hate loneliness, therefore the constant presence of something/ somebody around us functions as a reassurance that life is fine, and that no matter what happens, we’ll never be alone, and that something stable will continue as part of our present and future…

I’m thinking of this especially now, when as a recent grad, I’m (desperately) looking for a job…My unease to relax and just take every day as it is – with the unpromising reassurance that something will happen at one point – makes me think that this is the predictable repercussion of a life lived in (our) society…

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