“for love is a duel”

Interestingly, I’m thinking of him on the eve of his 88th birthday, which I did not know until consulting Wikipedia 2 minutes ago…but, yes, I’ve been On the Road for a while now, getting ready to finish it, and like with every book that I love, I start to feel I don’t want to finish it…I always have this feeling of wanting to keep the mystery longer and longer…I find Kerouac’s style very vivid, spontaneous, jumpy almost, the words jump frantically on the page every time Sal or Dean start to live again – which they do in every chapter. I like that besides the ‘coolness’ of the beat generation, life is insatiable and love is lived in the moment. With so much to live, there was no time to rush, “for love is a duel and the road is life.”

“Prison is where you promise yourself the right to live.” (Kerouac)

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