the print’s refusal to die

While other newspapers are cutting down staff abruptly, a Romanian newspaper hopes to revitalize the country’s readership by bringing “only breaking news to its public.” Puterea (site in Romanian) is meant to bring the latest and most important news to what’s-left-of-the Romanian audiences still reading a daily.

 To mark the event, former USSR president, Mikhail Gorbachev – the man who changed history, spoke with Romanian journalists at the launching of the daily. This is Gorbachev’s first visit to Romania in 23 years, and it seems that seeing his old friend – post 1989 Romanian president Ion Iliescu – brought to life old memories, both starting to speak in Russian.

It will be very interesting to see if Puterea can have the desired impact now more than ever, when more and more newspapers are going online, and social media outlets are interpreted as proliferating the ‘new’ news for many…

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