“Enrich The Future”


The citizens, politicians and media’s long-awaited moment has come: President Obama delivered the State Of The Union Address in the House Chamber. While republicans and democrats sat close to each other, the president started his speech approaching a hopeful attitude towards future in general. 

Mr. Obama particularly embraced in the beginning of his address the necessity for creating jobs (!), and supporting the country’s present and future students, among other important issues. Very remarkable was his approach to embrace and understand cultural differences, and to establish better ways to global communication and partnerships. His acknowledgment of the different backgrounds that mingle together on this country’s territory to live a dream was distinguishable and powerful.

His words – poignant, encouraging and touching. All in all, America is moving forward and “winning the future with great ideas! Cause we do big things as our destiny remains our choice!”

“Tonight let us speak with one voice…” Hopefully we’ll know how to.

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