Constantin Brancusi a la Google-style

Credit: Google

 Today we celebrate Contantin Brancusi and what would have been his 135th birthday.

The Endless Column

Brancusi's Endless Column in Targu Jiu, Romania, Courtesy Wikipedia


The Romanian sculptor was “a central figure of the modern movement and a pioneer of abstraction.” His artcraft mixed the visual elegance and sophistication with the simplicity and directness of the peasant carving.

Brancusi is the creator of some of the most notable and influential abstract works worldwide, such as The Kiss, the Sleeping Muse, the Maiastra Bird, the Endless Column and the Table of Silence.

To celebrate Brancusi, Google decided to remake its name from artist’s famous artwork, featuring seven of his sculptures. And as you’ll notice, today Google’s name is defined by that abstract – je ne sais quoi.

The famous sculptor was born on February 19, 1876, in the village of Hobita, Romania and died in Paris on March 16, 1957.

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