International Gypsy Day

In the middle of wars, democratic uprisings in Africa and Middle East, a looming U.S. government shutdown (which again, didn’t occur) and much national critique against the Obama administration, the world celebrated another human rights day on April 8th.

credit RB

Indeed, the International Gypsy (Roma) Day is meant to celebrate gypsies as a nation, a nation with flag and anthem but no country, and was set by the first World Gypsy Congress, which took place in London, April 8, 1971. In one American city (Baltimore), the day was celebrated with two Balkan gypsy orchestras, West Philadelphia and Balti Mare orchestras, which elevated the human spirit through rhythmic dances and lines of romantic longing. “Gelem, gelem…”

To learn more about Gypsies and to understand their way of life and continuous struggle please refer to the multimedia reporting project co-funded by the European Union’s Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme, Colorful but Colorblind: Roma Beyond Stereotypes.

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