Spring/ Primavara in Fort McHenry

–Ahh, springtime! The sky clear blue and trees in bloom! The birds sing, jump from branch to branch or scratch for food on the ground, geese and ducks float on the gleaming, mirror-like water, and the sun shines in its skies’ empire. If a cloud frolics its way in front of the sun, the warm wind will always push it to its place. Nature is fascinating, even in its smallest details!

In days like this, I take the trail around Fort McHenry, the 200-year-old star-shaped fort that protected the American troops against the British invasion in the Battle of Baltimore during the War of 1812. It’s also the birth place of the Start Spangled Banner, the American national anthem.

An incredible history, well-maintained and always appreciated by locals and tourists alike, the fort is one of the greenest places in Baltimore once the warm weather sets in. Take a look!

–Pentru toti iubitorii de verdeata, apa si natura, am creat acest slideshow cu poze din parcul national american, Fort McHenry. Parcul este locat in sudul orasului Baltimore, si impresioneaza atat prin forma pentagonala, istoria sa bogata, cat si natura mirifica mai ales acum, in plina primavara. Fortul McHenry este locul de nastere al imnului national american, asa numitul ‘Star Spangled Banner’ – drapelul cu stele, scris de catre Francis Scott Key in toiul razboiului din 1812, razboi in care trupele americane si-au aparat tanara patrie de invazia britanicilor.

Plimbarile prin acest parc sunt intotdeauna odihnitoare, insa mai nou sunt si pline de culoare: astazi, de exemplu, am descoperit cu bucurie, printre multe papadii, tufe de toporasi la umbra copacilor infloriti! Descopera in poze!

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